Whether you call them fitness trackers, fitness bands or something completely different altogether, there's now a lot of them out there.
What is the functions of the smart band? The most features we would find as bellows:
1. fitness and wellness services such as running health applications
2. tracking heart rate
3. different mobile functions such as showing notifications, scheduling events, sending messages and answering calls etc.

Some provide providing directions, NFC payments, varying applications and the like. Also the different smartwatch devices greatly vary in their offered features as well as their look and feel.

Every detail is designed with great care.Though it’s without GPS function,a variety of interesting camera, recording and game features can let kids learning while playing. It can bring children and parents full of surprises. Such a kids smart watch, both to let mother buy rest assured that children also have fun.

I believe the secret is to rank what is most important to you and accordingly choose your smart band.